Why Should a Small Business Recycle?

Of course, the current generation has had the pressing need to recycle rammed down our throats for so long now that it’s all too easy to let thoughts of actually doing it wash over our heads and continue as normal.

But what if you could actually see a clear list of tangible benefits to your company from adopting a greener approach to your waste management?

Reduce the cost of your waste

Recycling is not only a moral obligation it can manifest in some very real financial benefits. Many small, medium and large businesses are paying out waste management fees and not doing what they can to recycle their cardboard, plastic, polystyrene and other recyclables. You can save on bills by reducing what counts as waste. On top of this, using waste compactors to compress and reduce the volume of your waste will also save time, space and money. If you adopt a recycling program, monitoring your results to prove a reduction in waste, you will be in a strong bargaining position to negotiate lower waste management fees.

Monetize your recycled waste

If you produce relatively large volumes of cardboard, plastic or polystyrene for instance you might want to think about going for a vertical baler. Balers also compress your waste but they produce bales of recyclable material that are valued by the tonne. Polystyrene can fetch around £350 per tonne, which is not to be sniffed at.

Open up grant opportunities

Those businesses who are particularly green can open themselves up to the possibility of grants. Various non-profit bodies and government agencies offer grants for companies that have adopted recycling programs. Make sure that you track the progress of your recycling efforts to use as evidence in any grant application.

Happier (and more productive) employees

Creating a pleasant and ethical work environment have been proven to be instrumental in the happiness of employees and there are various ways in which recycling practices can yield these positive knock on effects. Firstly, use of compactors and/or balers will reduce the amount of bins, reduce potential hazards and smells and make the area outside the workplace a more pleasant place to be. On top of this, employees will relish being part of a company that is noticeably doing their bit in the effort to protect the environment.

Boost your image in the eyes of clients old, new and future

There is nothing that you can do to change the first impression a client has when they come to your place of work. If they see stacked and overflowing bins and little evidence of a recycling effort, not only will it probably leave them unimpressed with the ambience, it will arguably have them questioning your ethics as a business. Having a strong recycling program in place will serve to boost your reputation among clients and leads. You will be able to use social media and blog articles to share your efforts and report on your progress as your recycling program grows from strength to strength.