The Importance of Customer Service in Waste Compacting

Developing, honing and nurturing excellent customer service should be at the forefront of every business strategy. It can make or break a small or medium sized company very early on with incredible speed should the word get out that anything less than excellent customer service can be expected. This is definitely true when it comes to any company dealing with waste. Look at the response in the local and even national press and media when the council’s waste collection services don’t run like clockwork or the bin men go on strike. It’s like a mini apocalypse has happened. Dealing efficiently with waste is vital both in residential and commercial sectors for the simple reason that piles of unsightly waste are not on anyone’s wish list.

Looking specifically at waste compacting companies, theirs is a service that is designed to make dealing with waste simpler, less labour intensive, space and money saving and even at times money-making, not to mention the green advantages. In order for all of these boxes to be ticked everything must be coordinated so that the whole process runs like clockwork with minimal fuss. Any diagnostics when it comes to malfunctions and all repair and servicing of equipment must be taken care of promptly and without disruption to the operation of the business in question, while product knowledge is essential in order to place the right baler or compactor with each business. Here is a little example of a piece of customer feedback that illustrates just how the customer thinks in terms of what is important to them, customer service wise.

“Heron Foods have used GKE to service and maintain both our hydraulic baler & compactor since 2014, during which time they’ve successfully dealt with a number of breakdowns and faults. Response time to site was good and we’ve found them to be technically knowledgeable and most helpful in diagnosing and resolving issues. More recently with a combination of an increase in the volume of waste dealt with and an aging hydraulic waste baler, GKE’s advice on a suitable replacement baler unit was most helpful.”

The salient points are highlighted to illustrate just how many areas were important to this client’s judgement on the successful customer service of Derbyshire Waste Equipment Contractors GKE. Let’s look a little at the background of the company to see just how they manage to tick so many customer service boxes. The company is blessed with a team that benefit from over 40 years’ experience in the industry. They use this knowledge to cherry pick the best products on the market and as Heron Foods pointed out, to give the very best knowledge on suitable products. In addition they are a friendly, reliable bunch and really focus on ensuring that their customers are all treated as if they are new clients – with passion, energy and enthusiasm. After all, punctuality and efficiency is essential in ensuring that downtime is kept to a minimum when problems arise.