Baler and Compactor Maintenance and Repairs

When choosing to make the switch to balers and/or compactors to make your waste disposal more efficient and sometimes even monetize it, it is vital to understand the important role that signing up for a quality maintenance and repair contract can play in making the transition a smooth one and restricting down-time to a bare minimum. With many years of service and an unblemished record of professionalism, punctuality and efficiency, GKE offer a sensational service that allows customers to rest easy in the knowledge that their machinery will be kept in tip-top condition and should anything go wrong it will be repaired as soon as is humanly possible.

What does Maintenance Involve?

Maintenance of balers and compactors is vital and multi-faceted. Most maintenance can be carried out on a monthly, quarterly, six monthly or annual basis. The services involves checking nuts and bolts and fixtures, checking the hydraulic oil level & quality, keeping power unit free from debris and ensuring safety guards and access covers are secured. In addition it is important each month to grease the lower door hinges and lock assembly with a needlepoint grease gun as well as a few more essential aspects that ensure the machine is at 100%. In addition, the oil filter should be changed after the first 50 hours of use, then every 250 hours. The Hydraulic hoses should be monitored as well as wear blocks and plates to keep the machine smooth and compaction rates at their optimum levels.

Background and ethos

The old adage “a machine is only as good as its last service” is one that GKE take as gospel and this, coupled with a long history of working in the manufacturing industry gives us a unique insight into the requirements for ensuring smooth operation of compacting and baling machinery. There is no brand exclusivity when it comes to servicing, so no matter the brand of your waste balers and waste compactors, GKE can offer a maintenance contract that works for you. This can manifest in excellent third party cover, irrespective of manufacturer. While we wholeheartedly encourage customers to take advantage of our expertise and unrivalled line of products, we are equally delighted to help if you acquired your equipment elsewhere.

Location, location, location

Our team of dedicated service engineers are dotted at strategic location around the UK, which means that wherever you are there is a fully trained expert nearby who will be able to get to your site swiftly and punctually.

PDA Technology

The GKE engineering team benefit from being able to use PDA Technology, involving the most up-to-date software, permitting the office to communicate breakdowns, service scheduling and any maintenance jobs to the relevant engineer without delay – which coupled with the relentless company ethos of punctuality and efficiency leads to a silky smooth operation. There is no room for communication breakdowns with this system and GKE offer a servicing, maintenance and repair operation that leaves customers extremely satisfied and downtimes minimized.